Checking into my hostel, it took everything I had not to fall onto my bed and sleep immediately and quite possibly forever. The 12-hour bus ride had taken its toll and coupled with four sleepless days in London, I was near ready to collapse. However, my eagerness to explore a new city took over and I set out to absorb as much as I could.

There is a lot I could say about Amsterdam. I could write pages about the frustrating moments I endured within my nine days in this city, the kind and welcoming friends I made, the old friends I was fortunate enough to spend time with and the realisations I made. Instead, I’ll say this- Amsterdam is a beautiful city that I was lucky enough to experience. Although some Air B’n’B confusion left me virtually homeless for almost a week, I still managed to find a way to see the silver lining. I explored the museum of one of my favourite artists, reconnected with old friends and met reassuring new ones. I spent a day in an old, Dutch town and witnessed the continuation of hundred-year-old traditions.

Although potentially the most mentally trying and exhausting part of my time in Europe, I am better for having visited Amsterdam and learned a lot about myself, my strength and my abilities through my time spent in this city.


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