After spending a night sleeping on the floor of the airport (our plane landed at midnight and we could not check into our apartment until that afternoon), Alex and I arrived to our Air b’n’b exhausted, but ready to explore Barcelona.

Although only in the city for five days, we made the most of our time, both agreeing that the beauty of the city was something we had not experienced before. Visiting Gaudi’s Basilica, and Parc Guell proved completely awe-inspiring and left us only wanting to explore even more of the city. Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to meet with friends on two different occasions, which again aided in slightly numbing the homesick-ness we were both starting to feel.

On our last day in Barcelona we took a bus out to Bunol, a small town five hours away, where we were to experience the La Tomatina festival. Although I would describe the event as definitely one for the bucket list, in saying that, La Tomatina is also not for the weak or faint-hearted (of which, I happen to be both). Whilst the premise of pummeling tomatoes at total strangers sounds wild and totally inviting the experience is something I cannot quite capture in words. Though we were both completely exhilarated by the fact we got to partake in it, neither of us would go rushing back to La Tomatina next year.

Leaving Barcelona Alex and I were both forlorn. We had not expected to fall as much in love with the city as we had and as we left Barcelona behind, both eager to explore Granada but sad to leave a city we loved so much, we came to the realisation we had just experienced our favourite European city so far. It was not easy to mourn Barcelona long as Granada proved just as, or maybe even more, beautiful than we expected. While only there a short while, we discovered as much as we could- taking advice from a friend who had previously completed an exchange in the city. Whilst in Granada we experienced both the best Tapa’s of our trip and our most relaxing day. We were recommended to check out Granada’s thermal baths and much to our delight we were offered complimentary full body massages –  something I desperately needed after two months of traveling.

As we walked out of our thermal baths, feeling more relaxed than ever, my stomach began to ache with anticipation for our visit to the next country on my list; Portugal.


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