Ready to experience a new city and a new culture entirely, I arrived in Berlin eagerly anticipating what I expected to be multiple sleepless nights, incredible vegan food and enlightening conversations with open-minded people. I could not have been more right.

Contrary to the previous cities I had experienced, I arrived in Berlin with a long list of must-do’s, complete with descriptions of where and when to eat and which clubs I would like the most on different days, courtesy of a friend who loves the city a ridiculous (and completely justified) amount. I spent most of my time in Berlin inside dark clubs, dancing with perfect strangers and appreciating good techno until all hours of the morning, albeit more often than not, early afternoon.

The aspect of Berlin which surprised me the most however, was not the enthusiasm with which locals participate in the city’s bustling nightlife, but the freedom I felt I had to truly express myself in each and every form, be it fashion, belief or otherwise. Having marched in Berlin pride, broken into multiple abandoned sites and spent almost an entire weekend solely inside one club, not once did I feel judged or out of place for my varied choices. This is a feeling I am still not yet accustomed to and the experience of this in Berlin is what contributed to the city now being one of my favourites in Europe so far.


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