Arriving in Budapest after a 12-hour commute, at 10:00pm, the vigor with which I prepared for a night out with friends, surprised even myself. Slowly but surely, my body was becoming used to late nights out and long days crammed on buses, or trains or a combination of both. Although quite possibly feeling the most exhausted I had so far on my travels, I met with friends at an incredible ruins bar and remained out, drinking, laughing and exploring the city, until 5:00am.

Fare welling another close friend, for the second time, the following morning proved difficult- partly because I would miss her support and partly because I was battling a monumental hangover on all counts. Leaving her apartment and walking through the rain back to my hostel felt comfortable and almost soothing. It was then that I realised I was soon to be taken aback by the charm and beauty of Budapest.

The next three days flowed into a steady stream of breathtaking sights, beautiful architecture, cheap (and I mean cheap) everything, incredible history and quirky bars and cafes galore. Although my time spent in Budapest was short, my stay was nothing but sweet and I am confident in saying I will return in the near future.


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