Deciding to head to Bordeaux on yet another whim, we had no idea what to expect of this city and no plan for our next few days of travel. We decided to utilise our couch surfing app to further our experience and learn a lot more about Bordeaux, like a local. Unfortunately our experience couch surfing in Bordeaux was starkly different to that of our time spent in Lisbon and after a full day of exploring the, otherwise beautiful, city on bike we farewelled the city and headed for the comfort of Lyon.

Not only were we beyond ready to leave Bordeaux but we were also eager to head to Lyon and meet up with a good friend of mine. Li-mei had been living in Lyon for six months as part of a university exchange and we took solace in her welcoming apartment. After months of travelling and moving from accomodation to accomodation, being at Le-mei’s finally felt like home for the both of us. We spent our time exploring the city and the sights but also allowing ourselves times to relax- something we hadn’t done in what felt like a long time. Staying with a friend allowed us to cook and sleep in and feel completely comfortable in a place without the overarching feeling of needing to cram as much activity as we could into one day. After four days of laughing, eating and hanging out with old and new friends, Alex and I set off for Annecy.

Out of all the cities we had visited on our Europe trip so far Annecy proved to be one of the most beautiful. Situated right between the French Alps and Switzerland, Annecy proved a stunning small town on Lac d’Annecy- a picturesque french Venice. We spent the three days we had there picnicking on the lake, drinking rose, walking along the canals and exploring century old castles. Our time spent in Annecy actually felt like a holiday for us- a scenic getaway from all the hustle and bustle of constantly travelling and packing bags. We got drunk on the small town and then fought back a beauty ridden hangover as we left for Italy, making a pitt stop through Lyon once more.


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