Nine tips for girls with messy hair and tired eyes.

  1. That is not the only way to describe you. You are lively and courageous. Enigmatic and elusive. Young, wise, risky and willing. Memorise these words. Use them whenever you can so that when someone calls you beautiful or appealing do not bashfully agree. Say- I am fire. I am brimstone. I am feverish and capable.
  2. Laugh. It doesn’t matter if it is a little or a lot. Just make sure it is genuine.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Challenge everything (including yourself).
  5. Read. Often and aloud.
  6. Get angry (if you need to) and cry (if you need to) just make sure in a day you smile at least once.
  7. Use your hands. Write, paint, sculpt, cook, draw. Stand back. Admire what you have created.
  8. Leave. Leave the confines of your room. Leave your comfort zone. Leave behind relationships that don’t grow you. Leave what does not serve you. Leave when it is time. Leave when you are ready. Do not be afraid. Just leave.
  9. It is ok. It is ok. It is ok. You are enough.

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