Having already spent a chunk of time travelling in Italy both Alex and I knew what we were getting ourselves into. What we did not expect was just how beautiful these places would be.

Florence, although expensive, proved to be exceptionally stunning as we found ourselves strolling through markets, stuffing ourselves with carbs and climbing ancient stairwells for breathtaking views. Originally planning to follow Florence with a short trip to Venice, we changed our plans last minute and decided to instead check out the small Italian city of Genova.

After being briefly abducted by a stranger upon arrival (long story), Alex and I settled into our Air b’n’b and took off to explore the ancient town of Genova. Although small, we spent a full day wandering through museums, admiring the historic architecture and (of course) stuffing ourselves with pizza and pasta. After a night of sampling typically Genevan dishes at a small, family owned restaurant (let’s be honest here, Alex was served SPAM on a plate) we were off to Milan – our final stop on our Europe trip.

Milan, as beautiful as it is, proved to be nothing exponentially special in my books. Although exploring the city and the Duomo di Milano was magnificent – nothing within this city particularly caught my attention. After two days in Milan, resulting in exactly three months spent travelling Europe, I was ready to begin the next leg of our trip; New York, New York!



  1. mud6

    Have never been to Milan as I had a feeling I’d have same feeling about it as you did! Venice we’ve been to twice and loved it even more the 2nd time!


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