The last time I saw you was three years ago. It was raining and I was busy. You were wearing that damn green jacket you always wear. We talked briefly and I was angry but I didn’t know why. I wanted to tell you that you had been in my dreams but how was I meant to say that to someone I didn’t know anymore? I wanted to say-

“You’ve been in my dreams but not in a romantic way, not even in a friend way, just in a placid- always in the background- kind of way. I don’t know if you think dreams mean anything but I do and I know that sounds weird but trust me, just take care when you’re doing mundane things. When you’re driving or skateboarding or cooking. Not because I like you, or even know you, just because I feel like I should say something”. 

But all the words got lost and we both know I’ve never been very eloquent and just looking at you was starting to make me frustrated so you walked away and I let you and that’s fine but ever since I feel like I should have said something.

So,just be careful, okay?


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