Having slightly acclimatised to the cooler New York weather we arrived in a sweltering Texas and readied ourselves for the hot days ahead. Our first three days in Austin were spent at Austin City Limits, a festival expanding the length of beautiful Zilker Park. Alex and I spent our time at the festival seeing some of our favourite artists and soaking in Texan culture (as well as a whole of sun). After a day of post-festival rest and another day exploring the city (and local Barbecue for Alex) we were off on our road trip, heading a couple hours away to the city of Dallas.

Having only enough time to spent one night in Dallas we decided again, to Couch Surf and lucky enough we did. Our host Eliad, having only a couple hours to help us see Dallas, took Alex and I to a local dive bar which we absolutely loved. We spent the night meeting his friends and took solace in the fact we could find such like-minded people so far away from home. The next morning we left early to get a leg up on our drive to Denver, Colorado- a good fourteen hours away by car.


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