Although beyond ready to leave Europe behind, I had my reservations about travelling to America. I had already been away from home for three months and had another three to go. Whilst I was excited about what lay ahead, I landed in New York wondering if I was cut out for what was next.

Running off of two valiums, a beer and a bottle of red (flight anxiety), I surprised both Alex and myself in being able to navigate my way onto a subway platform. By this time it was 8pm which meant it was midnight our time and we were both beyond ready to sleep. We realised we were still a long way off locating our Air B’n’b, especially across a city as huge as New York, but revelled in the idea of a good nights sleep.

Having eventually made it, to what we assumed was our Air B’n’B, we were surprised to learn our apartment number didn’t exist. After asking several locals for advice, we quickly realised we had been sent the wrong address and wound up having to use the phone of a local laundromat to contact our Air B’n’B host. What ensued next was a long, exhausting process which ended three hours later in a Hilton Hotel. Long (and painstaking) story short- our host confirmed they had sent the wrong address and after walking for hours to find our apartment (which had been left unlocked, abandoned and disheveled in a less than ideal part of town) we eventually  had to flee the listing, choosing to check into a hotel instead.

Whilst Air B’n’B eventually agreed to refund us for the faulty listing and cover our hotel expenses, our first night in New York proved unideal to say the least. Waking up the next day, Alex and I were both determined to turn our experience around and we set off to explore the city. We spent the next few days perusing Central Park, checking out local boutiques and cafes, sight-seeing and fighting off our oncoming jet lag. After three days absorbing as much of the city as we could, we were off to Austin, Texas to check out Austin City Limits festival and begin our road trip.


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