Needing a break from driving all together, Alex and I drove from Denver to Cheyenne, a small town just inside of Wyoming. Having spent the drive up dealing with chaotic winds and weather, we spent our evening inside, planning more of our trip and resting before another full day of driving ahead.

We left early the next morning for Cody, Wyoming, happy that the winds had calmed down and hopeful that they hadn’t yet reached Yellowstone. Having decided to travel to Wyoming purely to spend time in Yellowstone National Park, we were worried when we found out a snow storm was forecast for our arrival date. If the park began to experience chaotic weather there was a huge chance we would be locked out and would potentially miss our opportunity to witness the park.

Arriving late that evening we were filled with hope when we heard the parks east entrance gates had been opened that afternoon. We spent our first night in Cody exploring the western stores and thrift shops ultimately turning in early to rest before heading into Yellowstone the following day. Much to our dismay we awoke to learn the park gates were shut as too much snow had fallen during the night. As a backup plan we drove through a scenic route of Wyoming for two hours which lead through the Rocky Mountains and down beautiful valleys. Upon our arrival back in Cody we were elated to learn the east entrance to the park was now open and we eagerly drove the hour to Yellowstone, despite heavy snow conditions.

Having finally arrived in the park, Alex and I were stunned by what we saw. It was a white wonderland. Everything was blanketed in a thick layer of snow and we spent our time driving through the mountains, pointing out breathtaking sights and different wildlife. Eventually our trip was cut short by an oncoming blizzard and we decided to head home as we had no snow tyres or chains on our car. Although we experienced less of Yellowstone than we wanted to, what we did witness was more beautiful than we anticipated and we left Wyoming hoping to experience the same awe-inspiring moments during our next stop: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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