Without knowing too much about Seattle, when planning our road trip we only allowed for one day and night in the city. When we arrived, although it was raining, we each became instantly enamoured with the city. It felt like a bright, infectious hub of youthful creatives and we immediately wished we had given ourselves more time to explore.

Although downtrodden with our lack of foresight, our spirits were raised when we made our way to Valentines Tattoo Club to get tattooed by an artist Alex and I had admired for a long time. Although disappointed to be leaving Seattle so early, we felt lucky to be leaving with a piece of art on our skin that would remind us of the city we fell so hard for.

The following day we arrived in Portland, Oregon and our hearts were quickly filled with adoration for this new city. Having, thankfully, planned for five days in Portland, we settled into our Air B’n’B, organising our plans for the days ahead.

Our time in Portland was spent perusing boutique cafes and stores, enjoying kitsch bars and markets and discovering something magical at each turn we made. We loved Portland as a result of the creative air which blankets the city. I quickly fell in love with the famous Powells Bookstore and spent hours strolling through the prose and poetry sections. Portland offered us the best of a bustling city but with quick access to beautiful parks and nature reserves. We spent our final nights in a primary school which had been turned into a haven of themed bars, event spaces and hotel rooms. We watched horror films in the old school hall which had been transformed into a theatre complete with eclectic lounges and beer. All in all, it became safe to say that Portland was now topping the list of cities we loved the most.

Having left Portland behind we made our way (only an hour) out of the city into Salem, a small rural town in Oregon. We spent our two days there thrift shopping, relaxing and planning for the second half of our road trip. It was time to head into California and we could not have been more excited.



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