Although I am a self proclaimed winter fanatic, after over a month of freezing conditions, I was beyond ready to be in the Californian sun. San Francisco was a welcome change from all the (beyond beautiful) snow we had just experienced. From Oregon we drove down the west coast and were afforded a more than picturesque view of the ocean as it met with vast forests and monumental redwoods.

Unfortunately five days in San Fran proved too small an amount of time again, but we made the most of our days as best we could. We visited cafes and lunch spots, walked the boardwalk, explored beautiful houses and really steep streets and spent a day doing a walking tour on Alcatraz island. We ended our time in San Fran with a bang and spent one full day in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite proved one of the most beautiful things we had ever seen and I was immediately infatuated with all aspects of the park. From the jaw-dropping boulders and cliffs, to the luscious mountains and valleys and the awe-inspiring waterfalls- it felt as if all of Yosemite was surrounded by a thick air of magic.

Spending a day in Yosemite was the perfect way to cap off our experience in San Francisco and although we we didn’t want to leave the pastel houses and bustling city streets behind, we were eager to arrive at the next stop on our road trip; Las Vegas, Nevada.


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