Although most people would usually jump at the chance to head to Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling and terrible -alcohol infused- decision making, when I was planning my road trip around America, Nevada wasn’t on my ‘must see’ list.

Whilst I find the desert to be both intriguing and visually appealing, I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my seat at the chance to party, drink and make bets all night long. These are all things I could easily do at home, so the idea of doing them in Vegas didn’t appeal to me all that much. However, both Alex and our travel companion wanted to head to Vegas and although I wasn’t set on the idea, I ended up being truly wowed by the city.

After a long and, let’s be honest, more than boring road trip through the desert we ended up in a city I truly wasn’t expecting. Las Vegas was something I had never experienced before. It was a huge, bustling city filled with bright lights, gigantic billboards and something grabbing our eye at every corner. We only planned for  a two night stay and that was more than enough for me. We made the most of our time by drinking (our body weight in alcohol) and exploring the city. Although I didn’t gamble or bet any money (it’s just not for me), it quickly became obvious to me why so many do and whilst I wouldn’t go rushing back Vegas any time soon, by the end of our trip I could definitely understand the city’s appeal.


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