Exhausted from our Las Vegas debauchery, we piled into our car and headed for Los Angeles, California, but not before a detour into Joshua Tree National Park.

This was definitely a day I had been waiting for throughout our trip and I could not have been more excited to finally see Joshua Tree’s beauty in person. Let me just say that the park did not disappoint. However, the drive from Vegas took longer than we expected which meant we only had a few hours to explore the park before jumping back on the road and heading to L.A.

As we didn’t have enough time to complete all the hikes and view points before dark, instead we snagged an incredible spot atop a breathtaking jumbo rock to watch the sunset. Anyone who knows me knows that dusk is my favourite time of day and the sunset that evening was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Alex and I were lucky enough to witness the sky turn every single shade of yellow, orange and pink and as we left Joshua Tree, heading for L.A. I felt more relaxed than I had felt in a long time.

Despite feeling relaxed as we left the park, anxiety quickly set in as we arrived in West Hollywood and began to watch the U.S. election unfold on live television. Although it was not the result a lot of people (including myself) had hoped for, I felt truly grateful to have been within California, when the results were announced. Our following week spent in L.A. meant we were privy to many (peaceful) protests against the government which filled us with a new sense of hope for the coming generation.

Throughout our time in L.A. we explored the beaches, revelled in the warmer weather, saw some of our favourite bands, artists and comedians perform live and attended the podcast of one of Alex’s favourite creatives. L.A is not a city that I felt completely drawn towards or enamoured with but as we dropped our friend at the airport and headed towards Arizona, I felt happy to have experienced it in the way we did.


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