As our time in Los Angeles came to a close, we gingerly farewelled our friend at the airport and began our road trip back to Austin, Texas- to return our rental car.

In a bid to our upcoming flight, we drove over four states in three days and although we ended up being ridiculously exhausted, the sights we beheld and cities we (briefly) visited, made the long drive worth it.

We left Los Angeles and headed toward Phoenix, Arizona and after sitting in traffic for three hours (only to move three miles) we quickly realised we’d be arriving at our Couch Surfing home a lot later than we expected. After a nine turned 12 hour drive we eventually dragged our tired bodies into the home of our Couch Surfing host; Sarah, and our night quickly turned around. Sarah embodied the persona of an incredible couch surfing host and we were crestfallen to leave our new friend and her welcoming family in the morning.

The following day we made our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. As tired as we were, we were excited to experience new landscapes, vibrant terrain and a new state entirely. We made it to Santa Fe in seven hours and tried to squeeze in a comfortable sleep before waking at three in the morning to continue our journey to Texas.

On our final day we drove the eleven hours from Santa Fe to Austin and when the trip was said and done were both felt acutely exhausted but proud of what we had accomplished. After farewelling the car that had served us well for six weeks, we returned to the Austin Air B’n’B where we had begun our journey and fell into a well deserved slumber.

The following morning we awoke at four a.m. (again, too early for my liking), in order to catch our flight to Montreal, Canada. We were ready to head back to Canada and see more of the beautiful country we adored so much. What we weren’t ready for however, were the huge obstacles heading our way.


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